Past Event

Sep 9 1997
Memorial Auditorium
Corpus Christi, Texas




Show 7:00PM.

I have been meaning to write about my experience at Sammy's Corpus show. The band came out, the fans stood up and nobody sat down until Sammy was of the stage at the end. The Band was solid, Sammy's voice was at his best and I had a front row center seat. I had to pay 12.50 more though to wire it to visa and make sure I had the money in there when the tickets went on sale. 10 seconds after they went on sale I got mine. Being from the San Fran area I have seem Sammy alot maybe 10 times since the 70's, but this was definitely the greatest experience.

I was pumped way before the show from reading the reviews at this site. Taking a que from Matt Hemmer who wrote about the Wilkes show in Penn. I had made a banner that said" Right Now, Gary Cherone is singing a Sammy Hagar song" and brought it to the show. What a great idea, Thanks Matt. I had perfect eye contact just when sammy started singing Right Now and I pointed at the base of his microphone stand where the security gaurd placed my banner. Sammy dragged it across the stage with his foot never missing a note. When he got it all stretch out, he walked along reading it, cracked up them called a couple of people from the side of the stage to come out and hold one side. He put the middle in Victor's mouth and held up the other end and the place went nuts.

Although the place was not sold out, Sammy and co. put on a great show and it was the most fun I have had since I moved here 7 years ago. At the end of the show Sammy came to the edge of the stage and everybody tried to touch him, so I stuck my arm through the crowd as far as a could reach and I kid you not, Sammy put something in MY hand. I quickly shoved it under my shirt before it got tore up. When I looked at it after the show, It was a worn Standing Hampton T-shirt from 1982. Really! I now plan to be in Cabo for the Birthday Bash Next year and hopefully I can get Sammy to autograph it. I realize that this may not be proper for the summary, but I wanted to share it with anybody who would read it and to say to Sammy: Thanks for coming to Corpus It was the best time. Looking forward to some more great new Hagar Music.

Thanks to Brandon A. Manrow for this review.


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I was 33 years old, not such a "Young Girl" anymore, but getting to see Sammy again I sure felt young and awesome! Sammy was in Corpus Christi at least twice before this, in the late '70s and the early '80s saw him both of those times too. We are going to Cabo this year in October, my birthday is on the 24th and Jeff's birthday is the 13th so we really hope to get tickets to the show!