Past Event

Sep 5 1997
Austin Music Hall
Austin, Texas




Show 7:00PM.

It's almost hard to put into words, when I think back and compare it to the many other concerts I've seen. Apples and oranges you say? Well, then you haven't see Sammy and the talented band he's put together on the Marching to Mars tour.

Austin's ass was so thoroughly rocked, to the core, and without a doubt. His first show back after having to cancel the San Antonio gig two nights before, due to illness, you would never have known by how fantastic his voice sounded. Not to get to heavily into the set list, I'd like to mention that specifically, "Why Can't This Be Love," "I Can't Drive 55," and "Heavy Metal" moved the packed house. In fact, Sammy didn't need to sing to those because the audience was so worked up and glad to be rocked, that they contributed their joy and voices.

Very heartfelt moments were shared with "Who Has the Right," "Both Sides Now," and "Kama." Along with those, everything before, in between, and after was, I must say, the best concert I've ever seen.

Sammy's personality shined, as upbeat as ever. I particularly liked him trying on the cowboy hat thrown onto the stage (Victor looked especially good in it) and his joke about playing "Finish What Ya Started" from OU812 when your wife's not in the mood and something about hoping she doesn't scream out his name when the song puts her in that mood.

Finishing out the show with "Marching to Mars" and contest winners singing onstage with the band, there was a suprise when Sam's wife, Kari, and our own Debbie from the PureRed Rock newsletter sang along.

On my last personal note, the new VH lineup will be hard-pressed to top Sammy's live show. If they can (which I'll never believe until I see it), man, what a feat they will achieve. Even then, there will be one thing missing...

Thanks to Angela Kersh for this review and the set list!


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