Past Event

Aug 19 1997
Sacramento Memorial Auditorium
Sacramento, California




Show 7:00PM.

Yes, I'm still reeling from the attack on Sacramento Memorial Auditorium from the Red Rocker and his intensely rockin' band. From 8:15pm until 10:40pm on August 19, Sacramento's ass was kicked, and kicked HARD! Sammy made a point of letting the audience know that he remembered his late '70's and early '80's gigs at the ol' Memorial Auditorium; we let him know that we remembered too!! I won't go specifically into each song on the set list because, with one exception, it's the same from recent shows. What really threw me for a loop was the inclusion of "Both Sides Now". Great job with this song. Sammy said they worked it at soundcheck and decided to put it in the set - great decision! So just let me give you all some personal highlights from the show:

(1) Obviously the awesome "Waborita Intermission"

(2) "Bad Motor Scooter"

(3) "Red"

(4) "Little White Lie"

(5) "I Can't Drive 55" (Any Doubts?!)

(6) "Heavy Metal" (My personal fave - and the rest of the crowd went insane too!)

(7) "The Yogi's So High..." (Intensely tight and trippy live)

Well, hope you can share this on the webpage. Anyone who hasn't seen the show is in for a REAL treat. All of the band members give their all with their performances, and of course, Sammy is in the groove the entire night! His performance is sincerely from the heart - yes, I felt it.

Thanks to Patti Heneghan for the review!


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 3  Redhead Comments

donnbeth1111's picture

So, while Eddie-after kicking sam out for a greatest FARSE album-was sitting around playing with Dave's nuts...
Sammy puts OUT probably his BEST (four stars-Rolling Stone mag)
and takes his victory lap.
The SHOW kicked ass!
So, SaMMY was talking to a reporter behind the theater and I'm walking eating a Sandwich- drop it- and yell Hey SAM!
The guy stops whatever interview and waves "Hey, what's up!"
I yell back "Hey Sam-Fuck Van Halen! You're the REDROCKER-glad you're baaaack!
20 + years later, I'm still tellin'this stuff to my kids!
(Elijah LOVES Chickenfoot!)

sean99is's picture

My friend Ray and I went to this show. It was one of the best Sammy concerts ever. It was right after him and Kari got married and she is from Sacto and her family was in attendance. He came out and played everything from A to Z and during intermission talked about his conversation with Bill Graham and how he doesn't take breaks. All while making up Waborita's for the crowd. Having them passed out in dixie cups. What a performer!!! He plays for his fans and not for the money. The definition of the true artist. SAMMY FREAKING HAGAR... If only more would model themselves after some of what Sammy has successfully done, maybe the music today wouldn't SUCK so bad.

SharkByte's picture

What an awesome show! The band sounded great and the setlist was incredible (no surprise there). This was an appetizer for me and my Dad who went that year to Sammy's B-Day bash in Cabo, that show and that night was UNBELIEVABLE!

Sammy sounds just as good today, if not better, as he did at this show and in his VH days, he is the Energizer Bunny of Rock N Roll!