Past Event

Jul 27 1997
Eastman Theatre
Rochester, New York




Show 07:00PM.

This was perhaps one of the greatest rock concerts that I have ever seen. The concert took place in the Eastman Theatre. This venue is known for its great acoustics and for housing the Philoharmonic orchestra of Rochester. The first thing I'll talk about is the meet and greet. Liza I just want to thank you for setting this up. It did not go as well as possible, but that really doesn't matter. The point is it happened. I got meet the Red Rocker. Meeting him was very exciting. I was able to get him to sign several things. I was able to get my Waborita shirt signed, as well as these Marching to Mars promo posters, and the disc jacket to my I Never Said Goodbye disc. I was also able to get several pictures with him at the MNG and during the concert. It was also cool just to talk to him, he was really cool. The autographs will be a great souvenir of this event, however this will be something that I will not forget.

Ok now for the show.

Marching to Mars- This song opened the show. The small crowd of 1500 gave a thundeous ovation as Sammy came out onto the stage. His stage presence is phenomenal. Not too many people seemed to know this song or most of the other new songs. It didn't really matter though, the crowd really got into all of the new songs.

One Way to Rock- This song got the crowd into a singing mood really early into the show. This song rocked as always.

Returning Home- This song didn't rock as much as the previous two. But Sammy really showed off his vocal range with this song. I loved the rendition of it.

I'll Fall in Love Again- The crowd really liked this song. Many in the crowd were singing with Sammy on this one.

Salvation On a Sandhill- Not too many people were into this song. I think it was the familarity problem. Us netheads enjoyed the great version of this though.

Why Can't This Be Love- The crowd went nuts as they realized what they were playing. Kevin(another nethead) and I immediatly flashed the VH hand signal to Sammy, he looked at us smiled and flashed it back. The crowd enjoyed this one and the band more than made up for no Eddie, Alex, and Mikey. I was extremely impressed with them at this point.

Rock the Nation- A banner thrown up on stage kinda helped the crowd make a request for this tune. After awhile the band relented and played most of it. Despite not knowing it that well, the band did a good job with it. Later on in the show someone made a request for Flamingos Fly. Sammy responded by saying that he hadn't played that song in several years.

Who Has The Right- This is my favorite song off the new album. Sammy and crew performed this one flawlessly. Nobody really knew this one, but it didn't matter.

Bad Motor Scooter- A guitar solo using the Dobro(stick) segued into this Montrose classic. Sammy also gave a little explanation on how it was the first song he had written. A guy up front even gave Sammy a hit off his joint. The crowd was at its peak during this one. They got into this song more than any other song except for maybe Red.

Good Rockin Tonight- Classic Sammy at its best.

Finish What Ya Started- The band again performed admirably on this one. Crowd participation as always on this tune was great. This is always a crowd favorite.

Kama- Perhaps this song is one of the greatest Sammy has written. I know its one of the most enotional songs I've heard him perform. He described it as a lullabye for his daughter.

Waborita break- Showed us how to make the world famous Waborita. He explained the origin of the tequila. I ended up getting a taste of the final result. That was a good Waborita and it makes me want to go down to Cabo evn more so now.

Cabo Wabo- This one sounded a little differently acoustically compared to the usual plugged in version. It still was cool though.

Right Now- Before playing it he described that they were going to play it the way it was first played. Jesse on keyboards was the only one out there with Sammy. The song sounded better than the album version in my opinion. The rest of the band came out at the end of it and sang backup.

Little White Lie- Plugged back in. The crowd knew this new scorcher of a tune. Jesse did a great job on the harmonica.

I Can't Drive 55- A great tune as always. This is obviously my favorite tune as well as many other peoples at this show. I think the entire crowd was singing along on this one.

3 Lock Box- A really good classic Sammy tune. Yogi's So High- The crowd wasn't too much into this tune. I enjoyed it though. It has a strange groove to it.

Red- As the lights were cued to Red it could only mean one thing. The crowd on this one definetly sounded like more than 1500. One thing I noticed is how much Sammy liked playing the tunes that he hasn't been able to play for such a long time.

Heavy Metal- This song just kicks ass. The entire crowd sang along to this one.

Rock N Roll- This old Zep tune continued the trend of kick ass music.

Dreams- Victor is amazing, the entire night he covered Eddie really well. I was really impressed with him. As for Sammy his voice was phenomenal on this one. The crowd really liked this one.

Marching to Mars- I really like this song live. The crowd was even singing along the second time around. The only thing I didn't like were the contest winners singing. They looked like freaks up there. It had to be cool to do that though.

All in all it was a great show. I even converted 2 people into Sammy fans based on this concert. Victor, Mona, Jesse, and Dave did a phenomenal job. I was really impressed with them. As for Sammy, he kicked ass in Rochester.

Thanks to Mike Crandall for this review.


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