Past Event

Jun 19 1997
Convention Center
South Padre, Texas




Show 8:00PM.

Review of South Padre (SP) concert 6-19-97: Being temporarily handicapped with a major broken leg, I was surprised at the no seat arena. We found a wheelchair , as standing is being relearned, which got me a "front row seat", but my spouse wasn't allowed. How stupid. He got to sit with me after a hassle (I think some SP water was earlier laced with testosterone!). Sammy bounded onto stage in red (what else?! ) panne' (stretch crushed velvet,for the guys) pants, muscle shirt , and a sunshine yellow shirt. His locks were flowing Sammy style as the best teeth in R&R were grinning away and opened with MTM. I noted that his sneakers looked personally painted with glitter paint.

" Who has the Right" was enjoyed by all. Sammy relayed his delight at being back in SP to kick off his tour and how well MTM is doing on the charts, and thanked his fans. He believes SP to be a great beach party town, and "if there's a party, well shit, I'm there". He was enjoying himself and having fun! True Red Rocker style abounded through some new and old songs, my favorite of the latter is "There's only one way to Rock". He had some great stories to origins of songs and his place in Cabo Wabo, which we were all transformed to via a painted backdrop of his well known, kick ass, R&R hangout. He told of a drunk stumbling down the road, bouncing off barbed wire, with his clothes torn and bloody and thought,"man, he looks like he's doing a little cabo wabo"; And Tada!, the idea was named!

An acoustic set was done in lieu of an intermission - Thanks Sammy! It included "Where Eagles Fly" and "Right Now". I enjoyed "Kama", his song to his daughter, birth IS amazing! Musically, Van Halen made appearances throughout; "Dreams" was my favorite. "Finish What You Started", "Heavy Metal" and "I Can't Drive 55" was danced/sung to by all. Uncustomarily, Sammy wore the only shirt thrown on stage, which advertised a burger place (he usually only wears shirts made for him that don't advertise). Must've been someone he knew. One bra was collected , along with a few hats and some shades.

Mona and Victor (the bassist and guitarist, respectively) were apparently not used to concert fans and were a little shy. Mona warmed up and Victor really came alive on the closure, which was a repeat of MTM. Sammy admitted they (all?) were too high when they played the first time to do the song justice. And it WAS better. True to form, Sammy marched/danced and had fun. Victor's power source funked up during "Stoned", but the band played on. Sammy said after hearing Mona audition two songs, he knew he'd found his bass player! David on drums was introduced as a friend since he was fourteen yrs. old, and Sammy had to always go pick him up 'cuz he couldn't drive! The entire venue was awesome and fun as only SH can make it. I can always count on his consistent pleasure in making music and jamming to some great tunes.

I know I've left out a lot of songs, I didn't write them down, and Sammy said that the set included about 30 songs. I apologize if I left out your personal favorite, but I'm sure it was rockin' and I enjoyed it! Thanks to MCA (new label), no cameras allowed. Many made the walk back to the car to put up there camera, bummer. I will keep it in my head though. My husband and I got a bonus as after the show we went to a local hangout called "Coconuts" and David joined the band for a few songs. Thanks Again Sammy for the quality fun jam that we've all come to love!

See you next time!

Addendum to South Padre Review 6-19-97: I was in a Sammy Fog when I wrote this review and I need to correct and add stuff. "Where Eagles Fly" was no where near the acoustic set, it was near the end. The acoustic set did include songs from MTM-and a few 'unplugged' versions of favorites. The show was about 3 hours long and it was GREAT!!!!!! But, ya'll already knew that would the case. He seemed pleased at the way the show went-at the end he said he loves a perfect show, even when it fucked up, it still went perfect! "Little White Lie" was excellent as well as the instrumental that was the first song he ever wrote (ed. Bad Motor Scooter). And in case you're wondering, he shaved off that little strip of beard that he was sporting on the MTM cover-looks much better! As far as we know, there were no waboritas or tacos in the lobby, but he did have a wandering Mariachi Band, and they were wonderful!

Mary Peck:)



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