The Wabos Join Aerosmith for Summer Tour

June 08, 2010 by sammyhagar
The Wabos Join Aerosmith for Summer Tour

Redheads! I can’t believe what this summer has become for the Wabos and I. Aerosmith? That’s right, Steven and the boys have asked us to be on their tour and we can’t wait to party on the big stage everywhere USA! New York, Florida, Texas here we come. Can’t wait to get back to Toronto too. Please come and see us and show the Redhead colors in the house. There are lot’s of other Festivals we will be playing this summer as well, and even Fort McCoy in Wisconsin, a special date I am especially looking forward to. I will be checking in from the road and look forward to meeting a bunch of you personally because I am inviting someone to come backstage at every gig. Is that you? [Webmaster note: Details will be coming soon!]


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If Sammy plays, can we come too?!

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Hey Sammy! Since I can not get an answer from anyone - I'm going right to the source. I would like to know why your personal security guard tried to rough me up, throw me out and threatened to throw me in jail - all because of my camera. This happened at 7/2/10 - Ribfest in Naperville. I've been to a ton of your shows and been a fan forever - What's up with this?

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I was on Stage with you in st.louis 7-1-2010. I had the Big ass plane jane Bad reputation Poster of the Hot Chick!

I was wanting to give you one but no one would let me leave it for you. Also My self and a few other small business men in Springfield, Illinois want you to play here this is a for real request.

Please have someone get a hold of me here, We are very willing to discuss your Fee and what We can do to get you and the Band here. Thank you Jeff Hubbs Riverton,Illinois

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Looking forward to the Las Vegas MGM show on July 31st... my 2 favorites, I can't wait!!! Going to the Irvine show too, bummed you won't be there.

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Cheers to that! I toast that sentiment with the biggest Waborita I can hoist. Sammy, think about us Portlanders when making the new tour schedule. Or better yet, add us to the Aerosmith/wabos tour.

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PLEAAAAASEEEEEEEEEEE come to Pittsburgh!! Or at least somewhere financially challeneged individuals who would love to follow you around the country (or the world for that fact!!) have to settle for wearing out our MP3 players and computers to get our daily dose of Sammy.

PS - if you got my letter feel free to write back! ♥ you!!!!

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You are going to be at Fort McCoy on my birthday, August 7th!!!! On my bucket list is doing a shot of Cabo with you!!!! Can we work that out somehow????

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Redhead Benoit is going on a road trip again, from Montreal to Atlantic City Aug'28, just to see you again and again. What a fabulous night to be, Sammy Hagar & the Wabos and later on, Aerosmith !

My friend Denis and I will drive anywhere else anytime to see you in concert, you're a performer like no one else. It will be my 16th concert of the RedRocker, and many more to come. I've been to the B-Day Bash 1996, 2004, 2005 and 2007. Ans in Aug'2008, I've named my son Samy, because there was no other name.

See ya in Atlantic City, Arriba Arriba !

Merci Sammy pour tous les beaux souvenirs.


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Its been so long since sammy has been in ohio.Cant wait till Sept 2 to see the redrocker. oh yeah i think aerosmith is gonna be there too!!!!!

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Thank you for the note about Irvine. I figured it was a mistake, but it would have been awesome!
Oh well, I think I'll still go, Cheap Trick isn't a bad "replacement" for Sammy!!

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The Irvine date was listed wrong on Ticketmaster. Sorry for any confusion. It has been removed from this site to avoid any further confusion.

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Cannot wait to see you in St. Louis!!!

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What a BUMMER! I have tickets to the Irvine, CA show and was planning on wearing RED to show my love for Sammy! (Plus, of course, I was hoping to win the meet & greet). :(

First the opening act was listed as J. Geils Band, then Sammy, and now Cheap Trick. I see this show has now been deleted from my list of upcoming shows on my profile.

Admin, any explanations on the cancellation? Any hope of getting Sammy back on this date?

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Please come to Nashville! We need some good rock n roll down here!

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I wish they would stop going back and forth as to whether Sammy is playing Irvine, CA. show. I just got an email on Friday listing Sammy and then two days later it reads as Aerosmith and Cheap Trick.

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we would love to see you in the Carolina's! Need some more East Coast dates!!

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Hey did you forget about the Northwest Fans! We want to know when you are coming to Oregon again. It has been way too long. We were able to go to Tahoe but would sure like to see a show closer to home.

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Looking forward to the July 14th show at the Common Ground Festival in Lansing, MI.

Gonna be sweet. :)

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I can't believe how much we have to pay to come see you dog and you're not even the headliner.. I'm a little ticked to be honest.. I guess i'll finally miss a Sammy show and life will go on... See you at another gig..

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OKAY! So I have waited for 2 years for Sammy to come to FL! I am less the 10 seconds in on tickemaster yesterday and can NOT get 2 seats w/i the first 5 rows!! WTF is that about!!???? There are NO other seats acceptable for Sammy!! I have been on the stage and in front EVERY time I have had the opportunity to see him!!! And Aerosmith wants, like, ridiculous $$ for any of their VIP offers!!
Sammy HELP!!!!!! I am sacrificing and willing to sit w/i the first 5 rows at this point!! It is CRAZY!!! I can't wait for another tour to come around!!!

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Your REDheads are fired up about this one Sammy!!! WOO HOO…even picking one lucky fan for a personal meet & greet after each show!! LOVE IT!! We’ll see you in Atlantic City!!!! Can’t wait!!!!

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Sammy - you have made Chrissy's dream come true!! You have always been her favorite & Aerosmith was always her second favorite band! She used to say how cool it would be for you to do a show together! She has had a rough few months - bad accident with her little boy. He is fine & she has been bravely doing all the PT she can to get her life back & is doing great! I am so proud of her. This show will be a perfect way to celebrate for her! I am determined to get her good seats!! She deserves some fun & I can't think of anything she'd like more!! So far the Cincinnati show is the closest so you will probably be seeing her there! I will be too if I can swing it! ;)

Sherrie (Chrissy's mom - from Indiana)

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How come your not on the CT date?? Any chance of it still happening?