Sammy's B-Day Bash 2010!!!

July 05, 2010 by diggyd

Only 95 days to Cabo. Maybe this time I get to jam onstage with Sammy and The Waboritas :-) Hopefully, The 'Foot will show up as well.

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July 04, 2010 by Krakensole

Hey Redheads!!

Just shared a video from our outing to the Taste of MN. Great show and better company when hanging out with the Redheads!!

Check out the show from July 3rd to see the video. I should have another tomorrow...

Take care and Happy 4th

Release the Kraken!!!

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Sammy St Paul Taste Festival

July 04, 2010 by scottyp039

Sammy was at his finest. Happened I stayed at the same Hotel as him and the Wabo's. Just saw crew though.

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July 04, 2010 by KLRed

STL show was rockin'! First time I've seen Sammy play so many songs in a row without a break - unbelievable. Loved Chickenfoot "Sexy Little Thing". Sammy, thanks for an awesome evening.

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Sisters still Rockin!

July 04, 2010 by Jordyn-03

My sister Caryn and I saw the show at Naperville Ribfest on Friday! It is one of the best shows seen. When Sammy walked on stage his smile lit up the place and I knew he was gonna rock out just as he did. We almost didnt make it in but we did :) The party blaster OMG too much fun! Thanks for keepin us young!

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July 2, 2010 Pricless

July 04, 2010 by janetg077

It had been 2 years and 8 months since I last saw Sammy & the Wabos and it was my last hurrah in the REDhead world. Tonight's return could not have been better scripted the energy of the crowd, the band-playing better then ever, Sammy’s energetic spirit and THE WEATHER could have not been anymore perfect. To all of those who made the show hope you had a great time and to Sammy thanks for welcoming me back with your love and concern.

200.00 stage tix

76.00 hotel room

Having Sammy say to you "Were have you been"


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Taste Of MN

July 04, 2010 by jlpeacock

Got my Sam On, to coin a new phrase. Show was great(as usual).
Got right on the fence Vic's side of the stage. Forgot camera in Bemidji so I hope my wife's phone pictures turn out. Saw a lot of Redheads there and that made it feel at home. Wish they could have played a little longer.
Happy Fourth of July to Sammy, the Wabo's and all the Redheads out there. Be kind to each other.

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St. Louis Set List!

July 03, 2010 by Brian003
St. Louis Set List!
This Is The Set List in St. Louis!

1. Turn Up The Music
2. I Can't Drive 55
3. There's Only One Way To Rock!
4. Space Station No.5
5. Bad Motor Scooter
6. Heavy Metal
7. Mas Tequila
8. I've Done Everything For You
9. You're Love Is Driving Me Crazy
10. 3 Lock Box
..... ill post the rest if i can remember them lol

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July 03, 2010 by lemonshead777

ABSOLUTELY, HANDS-UP, ....the BEST of ALL..... the concerts I've attended !!!!!!! HIGH ENERGY CROWD, WITHOUT A BUTT ON THE GROUND! Was my Son's 18th Birthday and he'll be a BETTER MAN for it! YOU GOT TO GIVE....TO LIVE!! Sammy...Thanks for Your Time and Talent! See You next time, SOONER than later!!! GOD BLESS

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I wanna rock

July 03, 2010 by hardon

Took my 70 year old mother to see sammy and she's hooked . naperville still doesn't have a clue what hit em . ROCK ON

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