Chickenfoot - Setlists from 9/10/10 and 9/11/10

September 12, 2010 by redrocker7-3-2010

Anyone have the setlists from the Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, CA, September 10, 2010 concert and the Harvey's Lake Tahoe, Stateline, NV, September 11, 2010 concert? I'm looking for the setlists for these shows but I can't find them yet. Anyone have the setlists from both shows? thanks

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Got my BUZZ ON!! Now, how do I turn it off?

September 12, 2010 by 302_Boss_Chick
Got my BUZZ ON!!  Now, how do I turn it off?

Well RedHeads, I am back, and as you can see, a full fledged member of the RedHead family. What an amazing experience this was. Let me start by saying that everything everyone has always said was SO true, Sammy and his people are just awesome. So gracious, couldn't have asked for a better time. I met SO many RedHeads and loved them all!! Apologies to anyone I called by the wrong name, or just flat out forgot your name. I met, hugged, kisssed, and partied with so many of you, and it was the most fun I think I have ever had. you guys and gals all made me feel SO loved and welcome.

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I can't drive 55! Or wait til' CABO Baby!!!

September 11, 2010 by chicagowaborat
I can't drive 55! Or wait til' CABO Baby!!!
From Chicago to St.Louis in 3 1/2 hours..........

Just LOVE the countdown ticker. Great idea. I'm really getting excited now. I can't remember which St.Louis show I was heading to when Bob took this picture.Let's just say we were CRUISIN' and it didn't seem like it took us very long to get there (for some reason)Tee HEE..See you all in Cabo!I can't wait. JaNie ;-)

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Thank you Admin!. How cool is that!

September 11, 2010 by RACER-X

Aug 5, 2010
To Admin...

Hey peoples..
Any possibility of getting a small "Countdown to Cabo" Timer..on the site. Adjustable to everyone's time ... and also featuring a 10/13 countdown... Just an idea.

Hey that's great! Ask and you shall receive! Awesome!!

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September 11, 2010 by Harleymomma08

Thank you for the count down ticket....damn it's going to be a long 28 days...but I am so ready!!

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I'm ready to take off my work boots and put on my "Rockin Shoes"

September 10, 2010 by 5150Mike

And get my buzz on. I will see all you redheads in Indio tonight!!


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28 days to Cabo... Can you feel it???

September 10, 2010 by diggyd

We're in the 20 day range folks. Getting close now...

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its a rockin roll weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 09, 2010 by ronniebodnar
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sammys shop and cantina

September 09, 2010 by redrocker63
sammys shop and cantina

check out youtube sammys shop and cantina,there are two videos,will be at the show friday night fantasy springs look for the sammys shop and cantina banner. theres only one way

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Timeshare presentations in Cabo

September 09, 2010 by bobb034

I'm just wondering if anyone has done any timeshare presentations lately. I did one a couple of years age and got $400 to spend at the Finisterra. Pretty much made my stay all-inclusive with that amount. I'm wondering if they are still paying that much or should I ask for more?

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