PETITION: Sammy Hagar & WWE

March 01, 2011 by danielw075

Here's a good one. Ric Flair says & is rumored to replace Sammy in Chickenfoot. Sammy said it himself on the last Video Interview reguarding THE FOOT. I say WWE should bring in Sammy Hagar and let him ROCK on RAW! and show Flair who's boss & also Perform at Wrestlemania XXVII. I would love to see a Sammy Hagar Themed WWE Monday Night RAW show. Sammy Hagar in my eyes is the Rock & Roll ULTIMATE WARRIOR!!! Because Sammy Hagar & Ultimate Warrior are #1 in my book & always will be. Come on Sammy, REV UP THE WWE! ULTIMATE HAGAR style. Much Luv, Danny

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Calling all LA & MISS Redheads...Do we want to plan a pre-party before the shows??

February 27, 2011 by Harleymomma08

Calling all LA and MISS Redheads!!! Hey Redhead friends - for those going to see Sammy at the Coushatta and IP - let's plan a pre-party?? What do ya'll think? Any suggestions??? This is the best way to meet new redheads and visit with old ones!!! Not familiar with Kinder or Biloxi but we can make something happen. I will be happy to visit Kinder before the April 29th show!!

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The Big "D" DETROIT !!!

February 27, 2011 by juliec087
The Big  "D"  DETROIT !!!

Baby Come On .....
Finish what you started !!!!
Out here in Clarkston we miss you.
Loved you at the fox both nights(sweet ride)
Filmore was awsome dont forget SAM & DAVE
but nothing is like flip flops and alot of Cabo Wabo !!!!!

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come out to AZ

February 26, 2011 by kwazygirl


Get your butt out to Phx AZ for a book signing. Keep rockin!

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Livin' it up Cafe Forum

February 25, 2011 by StPeteRedHead
Livin' it up Cafe Forum

I see the new Forum here is not taking off well. It doesn't have any options to make it more visually appealing. We can't upload photos. We can't adjust the font. No emoticons. The CAPTCHA is a pain in the butt!

Maybe we could use the old Vote Number 1 forum. The moderator decided to close the page and the Bon Jovi fans saved the forum. So there is a lot of Jovi stuff on the front burner there.

But there is room for Sammy. I messed around a little with a Scrapbook of photos and such.
Would you guys like to check it out?

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The Book

February 25, 2011 by alfredwell

Can't wait to read the book. I still crank up VOA after all these years ! The best Sammy album EVER !

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February 24, 2011 by steved082

Will Absolutely be there!! Going to Meehans afterwards for some Cabo w/Sammy!

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February 24, 2011 by AJS

Rumor that Sammy is in town any word if he is playing at Cabo Wabo Cantina this week?

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Sammy on Howard Stern Show

February 23, 2011 by ICANTDRIVE138

Howard Stern just announced that Sammy will be doing the Stern Show in March to promote the book. Sammy has done the Stern show in the past. I specifically remember an in studio interview he did for Marching To Mars. Great interview. A lot of heat between Sammy and the brothers at the time. I also remember Howard calling Sammy while he was in bed at like 5:30 AM California time just as the VH reunion was being announced. Sammy. Very good interview as well. Something tells me this one will be slightly more interesting. CUN Tahoe!!!!!!

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Sammy doing Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp in May

February 23, 2011 by JamiefromKS

That would be so much fun!!

Anybody seriously going to do the camp??

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