List of Backstage pass winners

September 05, 2011 by Mandy Buck

Where do I look for the backstage pass winners for Lake Tahoe?

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September 05, 2011 by kseason

I will be there celebrating with you all.

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Backstage Passes for Lake Tahoe

September 05, 2011 by Mandy Buck

What time will the back stage pass winners be announced for Lake Tahoe?


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Birthday Bash Ticket confirmation.

September 05, 2011 by johnf055

Just wondering if anyone has received their confirmation voucher from Redrocker Sales yet. I definately have confirmation from Paypal but am a little nervous that I have not heard anything for a couple weeks from Redrocker sales. Flights are booked but waiting on accomadations until I know for sure I have tickets.

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Counting the days!

September 04, 2011 by wccreech

Sammy always delivers...a true rock legend in every aspect. So blessed to be celebrating my wife's 50th and Sammy's 65th in Cabo on Oct 13th. Can't wait!

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Why aren't any of your concerts listed for the 80's in Reno???

September 01, 2011 by Kenike1969

Hey, Sammy!! 9 more days till we see ya in SLT!! I cannot wait!! I was just wondering why none of your concerts are listed for your tours in the 80's, because I saw ya in the early 80's here in Reno at the coliseum, now the convention center? You waved to me, you were up in the rifters BEFORE the concert and waved to me, I couldn't believe it! Was just wondering?! Love ya, Sammy! YOU are the bomb! See ya soon! Muahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

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going to cabo

September 01, 2011 by scotter1

staying at santa fe rui anybody know how it is

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Grandma can't drive 55

August 31, 2011 by Red-Betty

Countdown to my first time seeing the Wabos & Sammy together...only 2 more weeks for the Puyallup, WA venue!!!

Coming home from a trip to the coast this weekend, I was pulled over by none other than the Chief of Police from SouthBend, WA. He claimed I was doing 65 mph in a 55 zone. I had the strong urge to joke around and say "I can't drive 55" but I bit my tongue.

In fact, I couldn't say anything - when he handed me my souvenir ticket. So now I'm looking forward to drowning my sorrows of the ticket by hearing some great rock & roll!

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Read Red!

August 31, 2011 by ddjr40

Just finished reading Sammy's book and it was great. The story is extremely inspiring and I wish I had continued to try and make it in the music business but I gave up. Sam kept trucking and look where it got him. It was upsetting to read about how much of a jerk Eddie was but as a musician I still respect him. In regards to taking sides I am with the Red Rocker all the way. It is also awesome that Sam and Mike Anthony continue to work and play together. Their voices combined create one of the best harmonized voices I have ever heard.

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Great Map of Cabo

August 31, 2011 by davocabo

I assume we are all getting close to 30 something days till we are face down. This link has a great map for getting your bearings ready for the crazy weeks ahead! Enjoy


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