oh yeah

September 08, 2010 by rockon

hi every body wrote it over. it's all been said and done. it's a long and winding road. through the storms road to demascus. old mates. if you got it. then use it. if you use it right good. i dont half to steal it to get it. peace. WD.

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Concert T's

September 07, 2010 by tomah82

Trying to find where we can purchase the RedRocker Concert T-Shirt from the 2010 Summer Tour. Took my son to the Fort McCoy, WI show and the small T's were sold out. It was the red shirt with RedRocker on it. Very cool. Can't seem to find merchandise on-line. Help.

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September 07, 2010 by jefferyjameshall

ived allways got into the red rockers tunes i have no favorite song but i was asked what would be my favorite sammy hagar tune the song would have to be i cant drive 55. other than that i hope i sometime would be able to see the red rocker on stage. well till then haha ill keep rockin , laters love jeff

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September 07, 2010 by Hot 5150 Teach

Ok - I thought I posted this but I can't find it anywhere?? AGAIN... I just found out that if it is your birthday you can bring a guest to the show. I am wondering if anyone needs a date or has an extra ticket ? My birthday is 10-6, so I am so screwed with getting in because it is my birthday. Ultimately, I need two tickets, but beggars can't be choosers...right? Ü

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September 07, 2010 by Krakensole

Pretty excited about catching the last Chickenfoot show of the year in Tahoe this weekend. It also looks like it could be a few before the boys are all back together again(w/ Chad returning to RHCP) so I plan to take it all in. Should be a very fun weekend and if anyone knows of a little hole in the wall spot that I shouldn't miss please let me know.

Release the Kraken!!

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Atlantic City

September 06, 2010 by Rose Morris

I have never had the pleasure of hearing Sammy live until August 28, 2010 in Atlantic City. A friend had given us VIP passes and because the people working at the venue did not know what they were doing I never got a chance to meet him. Anyway, I was blessed with 6th row tickets and had the best time of my life. Sammy, you sound better than ever. Thank you for all the joy you have given me throughout the years.

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September 06, 2010 by Iowa-Doug

Hey gang, times ticking down... We're down to 30 days til we get Face Down In Cabo... OH YEAH...

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September 06, 2010 by Velvet WildChild

In Sammy's words, "There are many things in life that are important -- the air we breath, the food we eat, our friends and our family . . . and our Dreams. We all have to have a "dream" to give us the goals to continue." We found our dream and our goal in 2007 -- and each day we push on closer and closer to making it a reality. Our future is to be a permanent part of Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico. The passion and desire is there filling our hearts, and that Dream is coming . . .

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Where's the ticket information on "special tickets" for the show?

September 06, 2010 by jamesf073

Fellow Redheads,
Has anybody received thier special party ticket information yet?
Initial response was that those with the special tickets for the show would receive information on where tickets were to be picked up and other pertient information......
Greg Fletcher

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Sammy you Promised

September 06, 2010 by GJTUNES

Sammy you were on stage in 2002 and promised that it was enough for us to come down to CABO and there would never be a sell out! What happened? I have been going to Cabo since your opening day and I know that big money speaks volumes, remember your fans....

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