Availability of Sammy's New Book in Cabo ?

March 08, 2011 by robr

Hey, I will be at Cabo Wabo on the 15th. Could anyone tell me would they have a stash of the new books on hand for sale ?? Definetly something I would Love to read while working on my Burn. I cant seem to find an e-mail for them besides the corporate one.

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Long Time Fan!

March 08, 2011 by gmanraven

I first saw and heard Sammy Hagar live in Portland Oregon, think it was summer of 78, maybe 79. He opened for Boston on their Don't Look Back Tour. Honestly Sammy stole the show and I was a huge Boston fan at the time. My friends and I were totally blown away and I bought the Red Live album the next day! Thanks for over 30 years of good music, great concerts and good times Sammy. Look forward to reading the new book and hearing the new Chickenfoot tracks. Peace.

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Password for Tucson show Tickets

March 08, 2011 by lindaj058

I am a Redhead, and need the password to purchase tickets for the Tucson show that went on sale today - Can somebody please help a gal out??? Thanks!!

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First Time I Saw Sammy I Was Hooked

March 07, 2011 by cathyfbrown

The first time I saw Sammy perform was when my husband took me to see Toby Keith perform at the Shoreline in Concord, CA. Sammy showed up to surprise Toby and played the National Anthem on his electric guitar, WOW! Immediately went out and bought Sammy's greatest hits, see him in Tahoe every chance I get, went to Cabo to check it out (going there again), pre-ordered his book, and hoping to get his autograph soon... Yep, I'd say I'm hooked!!! Much love Redheads, keep rockin' on!!!

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What songs do you wanna hear Chickenfoot cover?

March 06, 2011 by redrocker7-3-2010

I personally think they would do an amazingly epic cover of Rick Derringer's "Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo" :) what songs do you guys think they would do awesome covers of?

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Cleveland Book Signing

March 06, 2011 by peavey02

Sammy could you please stop by Cleveland or Akron for your fans up here. Be great to meet a rock icon like yourself.
Ever touring up this way?


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Adding Friends

March 05, 2011 by Harleymomma08

How do we ask someone to be our friend on this site??? I want to add my hubby but we can't figure it out!

Thanks for your help in advance!

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March 05, 2011 by Harleymomma08

BEST WESTERN Inn at Coushatta
12102 US Highway 165, Kinder, Louisiana 70648
Phone: 337/738-4800 | Fax: 337/738-4899

Rooms are only 109.00 plus tax

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I'm still around!!

March 05, 2011 by 302_Boss_Chick
I'm still around!!

So for anyone who doesn't keep up with me on Facebook, I been kinda busy. Long story short, I am moving to Napa, California in a month!! Been a busy new year so far, I've been doing my best to keep up with all the Sammy & Chickenfoot news. Kinda bums me out that I can't get to any of the east coast book signings, and Sammy will be all done in Cali by the time I get there...can't you wait for me just a little longer?? :)

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March 04, 2011 by larrygib1966

After reading sammys rollingstone piece about his upcoming book,I found myself laughing out loud

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