No Sammy Hagar Music at Cabo Wabo Vegas for Karaoke??

October 09, 2011 by Twoxd

Ok. So I'm at a Sammy Haggar's bar Cabo Wabo in Vegas,on a Sunday night, Oct.2nd, and they have a Karaoke thing going on here. So I figure ok I'll pick a Sammy Haggar song like "Heavy Metal" Which I've sung before for bands I've been in, and would have gon over pretty well there I thought. So when i put the request in I got from the guy running it, "Oh sorry sir we don't have any Sammy Haggar songs". Ok?? So I'll pick a Van Halen Song with Sammy in it, and again I got, "Oh sorry sir we don't have any Van Halen songs with Sammy Haggar in them" are you Fn kidding me!!

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Tonights Concert

October 09, 2011 by seana008

Can someone post the link for tonights concert?


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20 years and still waiting FUCK

October 09, 2011 by scotter1


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It's Been A Long Time……...

October 08, 2011 by benisme_123
It's Been A Long Time……...
The Beautiful Place i live!
More images are available below.

It's been almost a year since i have been on the site, ALOT has happened in my life. First off i apologize to the redheads i was unable to send out a CD too, in the last year i have separated from my wife, in the process i have lost the remaining CD's amongst a lot of other stuff which is unfortunate. It's been quite a hectic year but all is on the right track now and looking up.

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live stream from Cabo

October 08, 2011 by Mandy Buck

Is there a link to replay the live stream from Cabo last night?

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what was the big todo at bb

October 08, 2011 by scotter1

leaving tomorrow morning from michigan home of rr what was the big surprise last night got tix to sunday

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Loved the Livestream at the Bday Bash,Sammy!

October 07, 2011 by sammyfan7

Thanks for the livestream for those of us who couldn't be there. It was awesone! Looking forward to seeing it on Sunday.

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Wish I was there for the bash, have fun.

October 07, 2011 by seana008

I wrote a song for this years bash, hope you like it.

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Cabo Wabo Bday Bash

October 07, 2011 by Mandy Buck

Does anyone know if Sammy and the Wabos are going to stream something from Cabo tonight?

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Need a luxury Crash pad in Cabo this week 10/08 - 10/15 practically FREE!!!

October 07, 2011 by SuzyQz

Person that rented my timeshare in Cabo can't go~ available starting 10/08 thru 10/15 a portion can be used also~ this is the week of Sammy Hagar's birthday BASH face down in CABO!!! seriously i will practically give it away. It's an either use it or lose it dealio!!! hate to see it wasted! get your airfare and head down south of ze border ~temp 88 degrees see this link for resort pix!! contact me NOW!

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